Dayton Tea Party April 15

The Dayton Tea Party is part of a national movement to affect economic change at the local, state, and national levels.

The Tea Party protests began in early 2009 when Rick Santelli, the On Air Editor for CNBC, set out on a rant to expose the bankrupt liberal agenda of the White House Administration and Congress. Specifically, the flawed “Stimulus Bill” and pork filled budget.

During Rick’s rant, he called for a “Chicago tea Party” where advocates of the free-market system could join in a protest against out of control government spending.

A few days later, grassroots activists and average Joe Americans began organizing what would soon become the Nationwide Chicago Tea Party effort. About 30,000 Americans took to the streets in over 40 cities during the first nationwide “Tea Party” protest. That was on 27 February.

Since then, organizations like TCOT, SGP, DontGo Movement as well as Dana Loesch and Michelle Malkin have come together to sponsor a second round of “Tea Party” protests. This one is scheduled to coincide with the tax deadline, April 15.

I asked Juliana Johnson of Urquhart Media (also a sponsor) what they intended the “Tea Party” to accomplish. She said, “By having these events we want to show President Obama and the Democrats that it is NOT okay for them to take away our free-market.”

In other words, government take-over of major financial corporations, which effectively creates a socialist regime, is not acceptable. It hasn’t worked in China or Russia; why would it work in America?

As Johnson has repeated many times, “If they won’t listen to us then we’ll throw a damn tea party and if they still won’t listen to us then we will throw another damn tea party.”

A Dayton Tea Party is already scheduled for April 15. The location has yet to be determined.

The national Tea Party website is

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