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Romney’s Ten Commandments on National Security

Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger, “Second Thought”

Governor Romney’s Ten Commandments on national security are based on his recent pronouncements, including his October 8, 2012 speech at the Virginia Military Institute.

1. American exceptionalism. Thou shall adhere to the classic US worldview, highlighting American moral and strategic exceptionalism – US global competitive edge. American moral exceptionalism is a derivative of America’s Judeo-Christian values, formulated by the early Pilgrims and the US founding fathers. Romney believes in America’s moral, economic, scientific, technological, educational, medical and military exceptionalism. He is aware that America’s best interests and the minimization of global disorder – militarily and economically – require US pro-active leadership.

2. US global leadership. Thou shall embrace US global leadership, underscoring US freedom of unilateral action, rather than subordinating US policy to multilateral considerations. The US – not the UN or any international order – is the dominant quarterback of international relations. US global leadership is critical for its economic, homeland security and military concerns. It bolsters posture of deterrence, providing a tailwind for allies, thus constraining clear and present threats posed by rogue/terrorist Islamic regimes. On the other hand, US withdrawal is interpreted as weakness, emboldening adversaries, weakening allies, fueling clear and present dangers and facilitating the recurrence of 9/11.

3. Realism. Thou shall abide by realism and experience and not by wishful-thinking and delusion. Thus, the Arab Street intensifies anti-US terrorism and not democracy. Confronting – rather than engaging – rogue regimes upgrades deterrence and reduces the threat of war. Preempting – rather than retaliating against – undeterred rogue regimes spares humanity calamitous wars. Moreover, Putin’s Russia is a rival – not an ally – of the USA. Steadfastness, not flexibility, would restrain Moscow’s imperialistic ambition, reassuring US’ East European allies. Realism requires confidence, marathon-like resolve, and clarity and not apology, hasty-wavering and ambiguity.

4. Moral Clarity. Thou shall follow moral clarity – a prerequisite for operational clarity. Do not subordinate moral clarity to political convenience. For example, Islamic terrorism is the most distinct threat to Western democracies. It must be clearly identified and not be blurred by linguistic acrobatics, such as “workplace violence,” “man-caused disasters,” or “isolated extremism.” The threat of Islamic terrorism must be lucidly presented and not be deleted from the training literature of the defense and counter-terrorism establishment. Islamic terrorism has afflicted the USA –systematically and not randomly – since the 18th century. Core American values of liberty and justice are a lethal threat to rogue and tyrannical Islamic regimes. The US is the chief strategic obstacle to megalomaniac transnational aspirations.

5. Peace through strength. Thou shall advance strength – and not pliability – in order to promote peace. Strength deters, and perceived weakness fuels, terrorism. Enhancing military capabilities – of the US and its European allies – is compulsory in order to face rising threats and deter aggression.

6. Strategic cooperation. Thou shall enhance strategic cooperation with capable, reliable, stable, predictable, democratic and unconditional allies – such as Israel – which contribute to the US in the areas of defense and commercial high-tech, intelligence, battle tactics, training and operations. Israel is the only ally resembling a US aircraft carrier, which does not require a single American on board, cannot be sunk, already deployed in an area critical to primary US interests, snatching hot US chestnuts out of the fire, saving the US taxpayer some $20BN annually.

7. Moral equivalence. Thou shall not indulge in the morally-wrong and strategically-flawed moral equivalence between the role model of counter-terrorism (e.g., Israel) and the role model of terrorism (e.g., Mahmoud Abbas’ PLO); between the role model of unconditional alliance with the US (e.g., Israel) and the role model of systematic alliance with America’s enemies, such as Nazi Germany, the Communist Bloc, Saddam Hussein and Bin Laden (e.g., the Palestinian leadership).

8. Iran. Thou shall prevent Iran’s nuclearization for the sake of the US – and not Israeli – interests. A nuclear Iran would traumatize the supply and price of oil; would devastate pro-US Gulf regimes; would coalesce Iran’s takeover of Iraq; would accelerate nuclear proliferation; would upgrade the military capabilities of anti-US Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador; would embolden anti-US Islamic terrorism, including sleeper cells in the US; and would devastate the US posture of deterrence.

9. Palestinian issue. Thou shall be cognizant of the secondary role played by the Palestinian issue in the Middle East. It is not the root cause of regional turbulence and anti-US Islamic terrorism, not the crown jewel of Arab policy-making and not the crux of the Arab-Israeli conflict. As stated by Romney, the Palestinians are concerned about the existence – not the size – of Israel. He is aware of the indispensability of the mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria for Israel’s existence. He is also aware of the adverse impact by the proposed Palestinian state upon cardinal US interests. Hence, the unacceptability of the “two state delusion.”

10. Political correctness. Thou shall not subordinate the Ten Commandments to political correctness, expediency and global/domestic pressure.

Will Governor Romney be faithful to the Ten Commandments on national security if elected on November 6, 2012?

Ambassor Yoram Ettinger’s article reflects an Israeli-American perspective. His artlice was first published in “Israel Hayom”, October 12, 2012, http://bit.ly/RCSZQ0.

Achieving Revenue Neutrality with Romney’s Tax Plan

by Richard Morrison
The Tax Foundation

Mitt Romney’s proposal to cap itemized deductions on federal income tax returns would significantly reduce the tax cut that high earning households would otherwise receive under his tax plan and would eliminate the presumption that taxes would increase on middle-income filers, according to a new analysis by the Tax Foundation.

“Governor Romney’s suggestion of a $17,000 cap for deductions should finally relieve concerns, largely unfounded to begin with, that the plan would turn out to be insufficiently progressive or end up raising taxes on middle income families,” said Tax Foundation President Scott Hodge.

Model scenarios found that the reduction in revenue from cutting individual tax rates would be substantially offset by dynamic effects of his other policy proposals. The proposed reduction in the corporate income tax rate, and lower taxes on capital gains, dividends, and estates would contribute to job growth and federal revenues, reducing the cost of the total package.

“The combination of the additional revenue from economic growth and the limitation on itemized deductions comes very close to making the plan revenue neutral,” said Tax Foundation Senior Fellow Stephen Entin. “For example, the cap on deductions reduces the plan’s static revenue losses from $338 billion to around $206 billion. The economic growth generated by the plan further reduces the revenue losses to under $14 billion. By Washington standards, this is well within the margin of error.”

While the Tax Foundation’s analysis illustrates that the tax package can indeed be made to work without raising taxes on middle income families, the limitation on deductions is a blunt tool for tax reform which does not address the merits or demerits of the different types of deductions. It is also not clear whether Congress will go along with major reductions in some types of the deductions involved. A series of spending reductions in the least valuable or most wasteful federal spending programs might be a better way to proceed.

See also http://taxfoundation.org/article/impact-romneys-proposed-17000-deduction-cap.
See also http://taxfoundation.org/article/simulating-economic-effects-romneys-tax-plan.

Obama and the Benghazi Debacle

by Daniel Downs

The Obama administration’s poor judgment concerning both the nature of the Benghazi attack and security of our Consulates in Liyba is old news. From President Obama to Susan Rice, Americans were misled into believing the Benghazi attack was a mob action. It was determined earlier in the investigations that security personnel wanted more security personnel to address the increasing threat of Al-Qaida’s presence.

In his second debate, President Obama said he did call the attack on the Benghazi embassy an act of terror. Some commmentators claim he did say it was a terrorist attack, while others claim he did not. Those who deny the Obama’s claim do so because they did read the transcript of his Rose Garden speech on September 12, 2012. The President mentioned terrorist in the context of the attack of September 11, 2001, the sacrifice of American soldiers in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that proceeded in response to 9/11, and finally those who died in Benghazi.

In other words, his statement was vague concerning the nature of the Benghazi attack.

If President Obama actually knew or wanted Americans to know the attack was another act of terrorism against America, he would have continued to state that fact while being interviewed by David Letterman on September 18, 2012. However, he blamed the attack on extremists angered by anti-Mohammad video made by an American of questionable character. Obama did use the term terrorist but only in the context of all other attacks against American Consulates around the world that were a result of the film.

In an Foreign Policy article published on October 16, 2012, Christopher Stephen raise questions about the veracity of both a military style terroristattack and spontaneous mob violence. Locals consistenly claim seeing a group of 12 armed men. The gates to the embasssy were not breached, but there were 2 bullet holes in the front gate and 22 in the back gate. There were only two bullet holes anywhere in the compound. The only mortar penetrated the main building above the door. According to Stephens, the 3 embassy personnel who died were shot while escaping the compound and Ambassor Steven’s appears to have died of smoke inhilation as a result of the mortar.

As also noted during the Congressional Committee for Government Oversight and Reform hearings, Stephen’s article confirms the lack of any adequate security that could have prevented an attack.

It must be concluded that the Commander-in-Chief didn’t know the real nature of the attack, he prefers to view Muslim jihadic violence as merely extremism, or he was merely covering up a very embarrasing failure to provide even modest security.

Romney’s October 10, 2012 Sidney Speech

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It’s Time to Vote! An Evening with Wallbuilders

Some of you may be familiar with David Barton and his organization, Wallbuilders. They have been working for the past 20 years to preserve the original documents and principles on which this country was founded.

Some of you saw the video series Building on the American Heritage Series; included in the videos were David Barton and Rick Green.

The Dayton Tea Party (DTP) is bringing Rick Green to Dayton to talk about our country’s founding, God’s role in our country’s success, and the necessity for us to fulfill our obligation to VOTE.

This event will be held on Saturday, September 15, 2012 at 6:00 PM. at Crestview Baptist Church, 6600 Salem Avenue (near Union Road). The seating capacity is limited so we will be issuing tickets to ensure we have enough room. The suggested donation amount is $10.00, which you can add below in the sign-up area.

Plan now to attend. This event is an excellent primer for your children, grandchildren, yourself, your other family members, neighbors – in short, anyone who is concerned about our nation. Mark the date on your calendar and talk to your family/friends.

Gov. Kasich on Ohio’s Economic Progress and Mitt Romney

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2012 Democratic National Convention Live

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Ohio Voting War

On Friday, US District Judge Peter Economus ordered the State of Ohio to restore early voting until the Monday November 5. This will give Ohioans the weekend prior to the election to vote in-person at Board of Election offices and other designated locations. Democrats claim nearly 93,000 additional Ohioans voted because of this provision in 2008. Yet, the statistics the judge in part relied on did not actually present any numbers regarding the 3-day post-election period. The statistics only covered both the total 35 day and the 7-day pre- election period of early voting. (Source: Wall Steet Journal blog.)

In the past, there presumably was no uniform state law concerning the early voting period. Since 2008, the Republican-led executive branch under the leadership of John Husted implemented uniform policies for all local board of election offices. A 35-day period was set to begin on Monday and continue to the Friday before the election except those who are stationed overseas. They are allowed to submit their ballot until the Monday before period.

Although I agree with the Democrats that voting on the weekend (Saturday) would make it easier for many to vote, the State is already making it easier for all Ohioans to vote. Ohio law allows workers to vote during business hours without being penalized by employers. The State will be mailing all Ohioans information about how to register and vote by absentee ballot, not to mention in-person early voting already been scheduled for the voting public. The Secretary of State also is also responsible for implementing a multifaceted voter registration initiative.

Liberal leaning organizations like the Children’s Defense Fund are cheerleading Obama’s judicial campaign for weekend voting. They call Husted’s rather egalitarian voting policies suppression of poor people’s voting rights. Like the inconclusive U.S. General Accounting Office study, a 93,000 additional voter turnout in 2008 does not seem very effective especially when considering the state’s new efforts to enable every voter in the state to vote on or before election day.

One proposal to decrease the burden of the poor voter is prepaid mail-in ballots. To my knowledge, the proposal has not been implemented. Seeing Obama is providing those on public assistance as well as the working poor with cell phones, maybe he and his liberal associates would like to use taxpayer money to supplies federal postage stamps. That just might get him and other liberal Democrats a few more votes.

Liberal efforts to get more of the poor to vote also raises concern of voter fraud. The Voter Participation Center (VPC) has been sending out registration cards to pets, deceased voters, and other non-voters. The organization’s leadership includes previous leaders of the infamous ACORN, which was defunded by the federal government in 2008 because of similar voting fraud. The Judicial Watch reports the founder is one of the Democrats top political strategist with roots in the AFL-CIO and SIEU unions. It current director was Other ranking members of the Democratic Party and Pres. Clinton’s staff are involved in the organization as well. Bogus voter registration cards have been reported in Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Missouri, Virginia, and Wisconsin. The problem is the VPC is mailing voter registration cards that are already filled-out to the deceased, children, those already registered, noncitizens, felons and even pets across the nation. Ohio is not being left out of the Democrat-led efforts to get out the vote.

Besides continuing to fight Obama's weekend voting lawsuit, Attorney General Mike Dewine should look into The Voter Participation Center's work in Ohio.

Voting Will Be Uniform and Accessible for Hard-Working Ohioans

by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted

Labor Day marks the official end of summer and gives us an opportunity to celebrate the enduring American work ethic. It also means the election season is in full swing. This year, I am proud of the steps we are taking in each of the state’s 88 counties to ensure busy schedules won’t keep hard-working Ohioans from participating. In fact, starting on October 2, you can vote any hour of the day and without ever leaving your homes.

Just after the Labor Day holiday, registered voters should keep an eye out for an official absentee ballot application in the mail. This election marks the first time applications will be sent to all voters across the state. You’ll know it by the official Secretary of State seal and because it will have your name and address pre-printed, just as it appears in the voter file.

By simply completing the three security fields and mailing it back to your county board of elections in the envelope provided, you’ll be slated to receive your ballot in the mail. No juggling schedules. No waiting in line. Your kitchen table can be your voting booth and you’ll have more than 750 hours to complete your ballot at the time that works best for you.

Though many surrounding states don’t offer this method of voting, voting by mail has become increasingly popular in Ohio. It’s both convenient and secure. Completed ballots can be sealed and mailed back to be included in the Election Day tally, or, if you prefer, you can drop them off at your local board of elections (no later than Election Day on November 6, 2012).

If you are a voter that prefers going to the polls, there is also plenty of opportunity for you to cast a ballot both prior to, and on Election Day.

Starting October 2nd, all boards of elections will be open for voting Monday through Friday, including extended hours on October 9 (until 9 pm) and until 7 pm during the last two weeks before the election to accommodate working schedules. This provides for a total of 230 hours of voting time prior before Election Day. You can find a complete schedule online at www.MyOhioVote.com. And let’s not forget about Election Day itself, when polls will be open between 6:30 am and 7:30 pm like always.

This Labor Day, jobs are the number one issue on the minds of Ohio voters. We have important choices to make on the individuals who will best lead us to economic prosperity. In the meantime, my job is to make the voting process for electing those leaders uniform, accessible, fair and secure for all Ohioans. Learn more at www.MyOhioVote.com.

2012 Republican National Convention Live

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