Xenia Nutrion Center’s India Connection

Jagdish Parmar is owner of General Nutrition Center (GNC) located next to Krogers in the West Park Square Shopping Center. Jagdish is a native of Gujarat India. Mahatman Gandhi was born in Porbander, a small coastal village, Jagdish was born in Ahmedabad the largest city in located in the middle of Gujarat, which is the fifth largest city in India.

After marrying his wife Alka in 1990, Jagdish moved to the area in pursuit of becoming a physician. He began his doctoral studies at Wright State University. However, two years into his studies, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. Because of the type of cancer, he was forced to discontinue his pursuit of medicine.

It was Jagdish’s last doctor who offered him hope beyond a few additional years. Dr. John T. Carson, who is located in West Chester Ohio, knew chemotherapy and radiation was not the best treatment for cancer. Instead, he put Jagdish on natural medicines. Jagdish is living proof that the use of appropriate natural herbs, minerals, and vitamins provide lasting healing.

That was one reason why he got into the health food business. Another reason was his family background in herbal therapies. With a financial break in 2002, Jagdish was able to get a loan to purchase the GNC business.

With his knowledge of modern medicine along with background in alternative therapies, Jagdish offers the community a depth of knowledge as well as with quality nutritional supplements for their nutritional and health needs.

To read the entire article publish in the Xenia Daily Gazette, go here. To contact Jagdish, call his GNC store at 937-376-4923.

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