Coloring Pages of Ohio (free) at

I just came across this family friendly post at Homeschooling @ Actually, it is a Ohio State Bird and Flower Coloring page created by Beverly Hernandez. This 8-1/2 x 11 coloring page can be downloaded to your computer and printed out. I did but I couldn’t find my crayons– bummer. Your kids will love it (maybe) and you will love the peace and quite at for a few minutes. Many more coloring pages are also available for downloading (free).

Looking over the materials available at Homeschooling @, I’m compelled to think Beverly Hernandez is simply a educational and learning virtuoso. There are Ohio crossword puzzles, vocabulary worksheets, coloring calenders, coloring pages of other states–just name the subject and she has at least one printable coloring page, curriculum, and all sorts of learning tools for kids.

Did I mention the kitchen sink? Here’s one you might want to use over it. In the featured Fun in the Kitchen page, Hernandez features a recipe for a Cranberry Smoothie. Obvious, she thinks learning has something to do with eating too. If after spending $4 a gallon for gas and buying groceries at the new higher prices and have any money left over, you might want to consider buying the Kitchen Chemistry set for your 8-12 year old. It comes with a kitchen sink. (It really does: click here to see for yourself.)

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