Ousted Ohio AG Dann now mentors of state attorney generals

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported recently that former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann was welcomed at the National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) in Rhode Island. Dann, who was ousted from office for sexual misconduct, is a new member of the NAAG’s Society of Attorneys General Emeriti, which will enable him to mentor new state attorney generals.

It’s true he has valuable experience and knowledge that would benefit others. Yet, it is still scary to think that an unethical lawyer and high ranking official will be influencing the views of other state legal counsel.

As it has been said, bureaucracy tends to tyranny and corruption and power corrupts but liberals where it on their sleeves.

Dann is the symptom of a deep terminal cancer continuing to spread throughout America’s body politic. Whitewashing it with the shallow veneer of religiosity will not cure it, but a very large dosage for a very long time of honesty (truthfulness) and self-governing morality (opposing to licentious immorality) along with some real economic justice might.

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