Austria lives in a dream world

By John Mitchel

Re: “DDN editorial ignored legislative accomplishments” by Steve Austria, Oct. 24: Apparently the GOP-anointed candidate, Steve Austria, is troubled that the Dayton Daily News endorsement failed to mention one of the most important issues and facilities in the (Seventh) District; Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Really?

Frankly, I’m growing weary of politicians like Steve Austria taking credit for saving Wright Patterson. The simple truth is that Wright Patt is a national treasure and will remain so because of the people who work there and their contributions to the diverse missions that support America’s warfighters. Although the politicians are eager to take all the credit, they have little to do with Wright Patt’s success. To suggest that Wright Patt will fall off the map if Austria loses the election is an insult to the military troops, government civilians and support contractors who work there.

Actually Wright Patt could be even more productive and efficient were it not for wasteful earmarks and pandering to special interests by career politicians like Steve Austria and his mentor, Dave Hobson. That is how Austria lasted for a decade in the Ohio General Assembly and that is how he will remain in Washington, but only until the citizens wise up to the fact that they are better off without big-government Republicans or Democrats running their lives and sending their tax dollars into the black hole of fraud, waste, abuse and corruption.

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