A Christian View of War and America’s Military Policies

By Andy Myers

I have read many of Dr. Vance’s essays on Lew Rockwell. Like his other pieces, this audio interview may make you see another side of how many Christians interpret our military polices and thinking on just war. While some of the points brought up I have issues with, they are definitely interesting to think about.

I hope the interview stirs you to consider why we have the need to have our men and women in over a 130 countries, and the cost in lives and treasure it takes to continue this. Consider many of the governments who we’ve once helped to “overthrow” to put someone else in for “hardly democratic principles.” Just look how most of those have turned out-not good, not good at all. As a Christian, and someone who believes God “IS” in control, I do not believe he would not want me to sit by idle, and do nothing to expose the evil intentions that governments gravitate to at the expense of innocent human beings. Don’t get me wrong, our men and women in the military are doing many good things all over the world, but there are certainly questions as to why we need to continue to be in over 130 countries?? We simply cannot afford this on many different levels.

It’s snowing today, and I kind of don’t mind. I’m looking forward to giving thanks this holiday season as I have much to be thankful for!

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