Hurricane Ike survivors welcome donated Christmas decorations

When Hurricane Ike swept across parts of the Gulf Coast in September, it destroyed many possessions, including Christmas decorations. Soon after, Jill Krone arrived with a disaster relief team and decided she wanted Ike survivors to enjoy some holiday cheer—as best they could. She began to solicit donations of Christmas ornaments and other decorations to give families. It was something, she figured, no one else would think to do. With the help of her church, Emory United Methodist in North Texas, word spread. “People instantly understood the meaning of what was lost,” says Krone. The church gave up counting when they passed 18,000 ornaments. In the end, Krone figures close to 30,000 items were donated. Go here for the full story.

Source: United Methodist News Service, December 19, 2008.

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