Best and Worst Developments Affecting the Family in 2008

In the January 2009 issue of World Congress of Families News, the World Congress of Families has released a list of the “Best And Worst Developments Affecting The Family In 2008”

Worldwide the most encouraging pro-family trends are:

1. Sarah Palin, Pro-life Woman Is Vice Presidential Nominee
2. Vatican Panel Issues Instructions on Bioethics
3. Lithuania Bill Would Protect Minors From Homosexual Agitation
4. Honduran Family-Perspective Law
5. Proposition 8 Passes In California
6. Greater Awareness of Demographic Winter
7. UN Study Links Abstinence and Delayed Rates of AIDS/HIV in Africa
8. British Psychiatrists’ Group Says Abortion Can Cause Mental Problems
9. Family Advocate Becomes Senior Advisor to Canadian Prime Minister
10. Anti-Human Trafficking Law Passed

And the most troubling trends for the family are:

1. The Election of Barack Obama
2. Mexican Supreme Court Backs Mexico City Abortion Law
3. Luxembourg and Washington State Legalize Assisted Suicide
4. German Persecution of Home-Schooling Families
5. OAS Passes ‘Sexual-Orientation” Resolution
6. Brazilian President Calls Opposition to Homosexuality A “Perverse Disease”
7. UNFPA Nigeria meeting Pushes Abortion In The Guise of Women’s Health
8. In France, Most Births Out-of-Wedlock
9. Australian Prof. Proposes Baby Tax
10. Queen’s Representative In Canada Celebrates Androgyny

Go to for an explanation of “The Best And Worst Developments Affecting The Family In 2008.”

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