Democrats Show Their Anti-Christian Bigotry

An overwhelming number of Democrats in the Senate voted today to reject a religious freedom amendment to Obama’s stimulus package. The vote was 54-43.

“Democrats showed their anti-Christian bias by rejecting South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint’s amendment that would have protected religious freedom in colleges and universities receiving federal funds,” said Traditional Values Coalition Executive Director, Andrea Lafferty today. “DeMint’s amendment simply struck the anti-Christian discrimination section from the bill.”

The so-called stimulus package contained a section that forbids federal tax dollars from being used to modernize or repair any educational facility that permits religious services on its premises.

It discriminates not only against Christian schools by forbidding funds, but targets secular schools as well – including universities with divinity schools. This bill shuts off secular colleges from permitting religious services on campus if they receive any federal money from this stimulus bill.

“This is just the beginning of aggressive anti-Christian bigotry that we will see over the next four years,” said Lafferty. “We suffered a significant defeat to our First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom and free speech today.”

Traditional Values Coalition opposes passage of this trillion dollar wasteful spending bill, but DeMint’s amendment would have at least corrected one of the most glaring problems with it.

“I commend Sen. DeMint for standing up for religious freedom for all Americans – and especially those who attend colleges and universities,” said Lafferty. “Shame on Democrats for supporting anti-Christian discrimination.”

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