Democrats attacks school choice – thousands of children are at risk

Free choice is for the privileged and liberals

For years Congressional Democrats told us they were “for the children”. Their policies were “for the children”. Their tax increases were “for the children”. Recently they were given a chance in Congress to prove their pro-child philosophy. The price tag was a mere 15 million dollars, a fraction of the one-trillion dollar stimulus they just passed. But House Democrats decided they could not find $15 million to save the D.C. Voucher Program. Instead they cut the funding and are throwing 1,900 children out of the school of their choice. Kids, whose parents on average make $23,000 per year. Kids who did nothing wrong other than have the courage to make a change for the sake of their future.

At the same time in the state of Ohio, Governor Ted Strickland and the Democrat-led House are on a crusade to wipe charter schools off the map. They want to force thousands of Ohio students back into failing schools in troubled school districts.

This is the purge mentality of the Democrat Party. They despise school choice. They owe the education establishment and the unions. The payback comes in destroying the lives of kids who have done nothing wrong.

At the same time, the leader of the Democrats, President Barack Obama, has placed his daughters in the school of his choice: Sidwell Friends, the most exclusive and expensive school in D.C.

There is something you can do about this injustice. First take a look at the video from the kids in D.C. Then join their plea and call the White House switchboard at (202) 224-3121. Politely ask the President to restore the D.C. Voucher Program.

Next, for those residents of Ohio, contact Ohio Governor Ted Strickland. Let him know you support charter schools in Ohio. Tell him you want more choice in education, not less. They may give you a bunch of rhetoric about “for profit” management companies that run charter schools. That’s a smokescreen. They want all choice eliminated. They are picking on the management companies today. The rest will follow.

Source: American Policy Roundtable eNewsletter

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