The Case of the Disappearing and Reappearing Dry Cleaning Service in Xenia

Most of us take dry cleaning services for granted because when we need clothes dry cleaned, we just take them to our favorite most accessible and convenient dry cleaning establishment and obtain the service. But for over a year, the City of Xenia has endured a time without any local dry cleaning services after the last two dry cleaning outfits closed shop. The first dry cleaner to leave Xenia years ago was Snow White Dry Cleaner on Cincinnati Avenue. Then, in 2007, Capitol Dry Cleaning on West Second Street closed, followed by Clark’s Dry Cleaning on East Second Street in 2008. There was a long “dry spell “period when Xenia was completely without dry cleaning services — and residents noticed!

Seeing a market need for this important service, one drop off dry cleaning entity opened in January 2009 at 75 West Main Street in the former space occupied by Country Joe’s Coffee and Gift Baskets. In February 2009, the Xenia Shoe and Leather Store at 21 East Main Street expanded their operations to include a drop-off dry cleaning service. Also this month, a zoning permit was issued for Capitol Dry Cleaner to re-open at 631 West Second Street next to the Blockbuster Video Store.

Xenia has again several dry cleaning service outfits to choose from. So, now once again, Xenia residents will not have to travel far to have their clothing cleaned and pressed.

Other new business openings reported in Xenia Development Corner are:

• Instant Tax Service – 29 South Detroit St.
• Mangos Mexican Restaurant – 131 North Allison Ave in Xenia Plaza
• Homemade Uniques (arts and crafts store) – 54 South Detroit Street
• B5 Systems Inc. – wholesale operation at 141 Little Vine St.
• Joni and Friends – 1185 Wesley Avenue, Legacy Ministry Campus


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