April 15 Tax Return Deadline : Coming Sooner Than You Think

It’s tax time! D-day for filing your income tax returns is only 21 days away. If you can’t submit your return on time ask for or download an extension form.

Xenia’s has a helpful website with forms, instructions, and other information for filing your local tax return. Click here to see for yourself.

The Ohio Department of Taxation also has a website with all of the forms and instructions you will need. The web address is tax.ohio.gov.

Last, but not least, is the user-friendly IRS website. Although I think every tax payer owes it to themselves to read the research of Bill Benson on the 16th Amendment entitled “The Law That Never Was“, all of the IRS tax forms and instructions, and on-line tax tools are at www.irs.gov/formspubs.

It is sincerely hoped that you receive an impressively stimulating refund for all of your hard work this year.

A refund reducing your part in the current $24,000 average tax debt you owe Uncle “Guido” Sam. It is reported that the mostly liberal and colored version of Uncle “Guido” plans to increase your share of national debt to $32,000. Don’t you just love their spending of money they nor you have?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the urge to give a political jab.

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