Ohio Representative Jarrod Martin Blogs for Constituents and Rule of Law

State Rep. Jarrod B. Martin is now communicating with his blog savvy constituents at jarrodmartin.blogspot.com. Rep. Martin is to be commended for utilizing a unique communication tool while that is just right for our ailing economy–he isn’t spending a penny of taxpayer money.

As mentioned in a previous post, Rep. Martin is one of the primary sponsors of the Ohio Sovereignty Resolution. Its purpose is to end the federal government’s abuse of power. The yardstick of the federal power is clear delineated in the 10th Amendment to the Constitution. The State Sovereignty Resolution is a message demanding that Capitol Hill cease and desist violating the Constitution and state sovereignty.

In his post about the need for Ohio State Sovereignty Resolution, Rep. Martin presented the following example:

Today, the federal government continuously dictates to the states. The federal government tells the states that they must pass this legislation or that legislation if they are to receive federal funding. One most egregious example is in the recently passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, states are required to raise Medicaid eligibility standards to 300% of the federal poverty guidelines. Here’s an example of what that means: Federal poverty guidelines for a four person household equals a yearly income of $21,200, 300% = 21,200 X 3 = $63,600!!! Therefore, in my house with my wife and three kids and my income as a State Representative, I can qualify for Medicaid!! Do we really need to give handouts to people with that kind of income?

Like the State Children Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) Act, the above Act is a prime example of socialist lawmakers seeking to bring all Americans under their illegal control. Such laws show how the Supreme Law of the Land is continuously violated by our nation’s high and mighty lawbreakers.

And remember, they always claim it is for the good for us all.

To add insult to injury, Congress has passed another law that gives citizens with above average income entitlements to any and all entitlements (welfare). Thus, according to Rep. Martin,

[W]e are now providing social benefits to individuals based on a “categorical eligibility” meaning that if you qualify for one program (like unemployment) then you automatically qualify for other entitlement programs without any further verification of need! The result is that we are now giving food stamps to individuals with multiple rental properties and one family with a net worth of more than $400,000!

If you ask me, I think Rep. Martin is off to a very good start. I hope a majority of his constituents read his blog and back his efforts to restore freedom under the rule of law and advance our economy for the good of all and not just rich special interest. What better way than to deprive the federal government of its continual efforts to rob us of both local/state accountability and those tax-based benefits that only local communities and state government can most effectively provide.

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