5 Simple Easter Baskets for Less Than $5

Lauri Ward, author of the best-selling book, Use What You Have Decorating, shares five of her creative ideas for making inexpensive Easter baskets at home. Simple, yet artistic, Lauri turns milk cartons, small beach pails, straw hats, old lampshades, and even a tennis ball can into beautiful basket. Anyone would impress other parents at the community or church Easter gathering. But, let’s be real, kids only care about the sugar-loaded treats you put inside the basket.

Of the five under $5 baskets, I like the Milk Container Easter Basket. Here is how to make it:

1. Cut a 1/2 gallon milk container in two and discard the top half.

2. Cover the outside of the bottom half with solid, colored paper or brightly colored fabric by gluing or stapling it on.

3. Attach two pieces of wide ribbon on opposite sides and tie in a bow to create a handle.

4. Fill with foil wrapped chocolates.

Now, the second most creative basket is the one made out of tennis ball cans. This one not for the non-artist though. Ward must be into painting flowers. For us non-artists, the skill deficit could be overcome by using colorful stick-on flowers. That is providing you first go to Reader Digest’s website to find out how to make do so. The same is true for the other three Easter baskets: Beach Pail, Straw Hat, and Lampshade.

Lauri Ward’s affordable creations are perfect for these troublesome economic times.

Source: Reader Digest.com, April 6, 2009.

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