Xenia 3.5 Mill Operating Levy Renewal Coming Soon

It appears that Xenia management and our Council representatives got the message during the February 2009 election. By a large majority, Xenia voters defeated an effort to pass a very large 5.0 mill operating levy replacement levy increase. The annual revenue it would have generated ($1.86 million) was way beyond any perceivable need.

Instead of seeking the next highest amount possible (3.5 mill replacement), the Council has decided to take the “What Works” approach. During the March 26, 2009 meeting, management seem to have decided that Council should initiate the process that will put the 3.5 Mill Operating Levy Renewal on the August 4, 2009 ballot. That they did.

Council could have saved taxpayer $18,000 had they sought for a renewal in the first place. Because the cost of placing a levy up for a vote is the above amount, the renewal will now cost taxpayers $36,000.

By the way, Councilman Dale Louderback was the only member who has refused to accept anything other than a renewal. Why was he the only dissenting voice against the February levy? Apparently, his conscience would not permit him to ask voters for such a huge increase during our nation’s near depression-like economic crisis. He is fully behind the no-new-taxes operating levy renewal.

One last observation; I can only imagine the distaste that observant Jews by that ancient priestly name, Levy or Levi, must have towards our politically and sometimes greed motivated government levies.

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