NY Times Cuts More Sections

By Don Irvine

With ad revenue and circulation shrinking The New York Times announced that they are chopping The City section and including the material in a Sunday metro report to save millions of dollars.

From the New York Observer Bill Keller made it official moments ago:

The City section, the regionals and the Escapes section will be eliminated as stand-alone sections in The Times.

Instead, they’ll just use material that may have appeared in those sections in a Sunday metro report.

“We will consolidate Sunday Metro area coverage in a new Sunday feature section, which will be a showcase for news and features from the city and beyond. (Metro area breaking news will be incorporated into the A-book.),” he wrote in a memo this morning. “The new section will include zoned pages for Connecticut, New Jersey, Westchester and Long Island. Joe Sexton and Jodi Rudoren have taken on the project of developing a prototype, and we hope to launch the new section on May 24, replacing the City section and regional weeklies.”

I think Keller and company have forgotten that on the front page of the Times is the slogan “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” Maybe they should change that to “All the News That We Can Afford to Print.”

Source: Boycott The New York Times, April 17, 2009

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