Greene County Court Moves Mitchel Lawsuit to Allen County Judge

According to Aileen Crawford, Greene County Common Pleas Court Assignment Commissioner, Judge J. Timothy Campbell moved Plaintiff John Mitchel’s public records lawsuit against County Prosecutor Steven Haller and four County Commissioners to former Third District Court of Appeals judge, Sumner E. Walters of Lima. In March Mitchel filed suit against Mr. Haller, current Greene County Commissioners Richard Perales and Marilyn Reid and former Commissioners Ralph Harper and Reed Madden to compel them to produce public records related to the $1.9 million BRAC Initiative Agreement awarded without competition to the Dayton Development Coalition in September, 2003. Ms. Crawford stated that jurisdiction moved to Judge Walters because of a possible conflict of interest between Judge Campbell and Greene County Prosecutor, Steven Haller.

In response to the announcement, Mitchel responded, “I’m pleased that Judge Campbell recused himself from the case and transferred jurisdiction to Judge Walters. Although it will delay final resolution of a citizen’s serious allegations that elected officials are withholding public records in violation of Ohio statutes, it’s an important step forward to shine a bright light on Greene County government. These records are just as important to the defendants as they are to the citizens. Our elected officials are entitled to their day in court, and of course Greene County taxpayers have a right to know where their tax dollars are being spent.”

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