Win a Pack of Battery-Powered Yard Equipment

If you are willing to follow the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission’s Air Quality Advisory actions, you would be eligible to win one of three environmental-friendly B&D battery-power yard maintenance equipment packs:

* Combination Shrubbery Trimmer & Grass Shears,
* Hedge Trimmer; and
* Weed-whacker

The three lawn maintenance packs will be given to the winners one at the end of June, another at the end of July, and the last one at the end of August. The retail of the three tools is about $200.

What better way to avoid fines for high weeds, and for overgrown hedges and shrubs that hide the existence of your house. And while avoiding those fines, you will be helping to lower greenhouse gases and high ozone levels at ground levels in Xenia and across the Miami Valley.

If you are interested, go to the Miami Valley Air webiste. To register to win those prizes, call the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission at (937) 223-6323 and register now. You may also by-pass the contest and go straight to Environmental New Flash to sign up for the Air Quality Advisory e-mails, which you will receive once a day.

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