State Representative Jarrod Martin Co-sonsors Bill to Decrease Legislature’s and Other Statewide Office Holders Saleries

On June 4, Representative Jarrod B. Martin (R-Beavercreek) co-sponsored legislation that will cut the salaries of all state level elected officials, with the exception of members of the judiciary, by five percent (5%). The legislation is joint sponsored by Seth Morgan (R-Huber Heights) and Terry Boose (R-Norwalk) and has bi-partisan co-sponsor support of 30 additional representatives (29 Republicans, 1 Democrat).

Martin said, “The state budget is tight and Ohio families are cutting back; the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association representing about 35,000 employees took a cut in pay, we felt that it is only right that we do our part to pitch in.”

Due to the constitutional issues related to changing salaries of elected officials, the bill, if passed, would take effect upon the election or re-election of the affected office holders.

The legislation has a “sunset” provision that would rescind the provisions when the State of Ohio reaches State Domestic Product growth of two and one half percent (2.5%) or more in 2 of 3 consecutive years.

Martin added, “I believe it is very reasonable to have the policy-makers salaries correlated to the success of the state.”

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