Become a Xenia Busker … First Fridays

Xenia will be having something called “First Fridays” on (believe it or not!) the first Friday of each month throughout the summer. We want to have live performances on the streets from 5 to 8+ PM starting on July 3 and YOU are invited to participate.

No pay. Probably not too many people at first. It might be hot.

But if you want to do your thing
     Play your guitar
     Or conga drum
     Or bucket
     mandolin, harmonica, banjo
     If you play a bagpipe
     Swallow a sword
     Breath fire
     If you want to paint yourself silver and play statue
     If you want to twirl your baton
     Show off your dance routine
     If you always wanted to be a mime
     If you want to sing out, sing out

We’re going to give you the chance. Buskers are welcome in Xenia on First Friday. All over town, but especially downtown. At the theater or The Cavern or somewhere else.

And I told the person in charge of arranging the whole thing that I knew some people.

So help me out
Don’t make me a liar
Think of it as a talent show for the whole town.

And we’re having an open stage/open mic starting at 8:30 at The Cavern along with a new exhibit of local art.

So hit me up with a message if you might be interested and I’ll sign you up!


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