Xenians working for murals

Starting from a small informal interest group in late 2007, the Xenia Mural Society soon became a component of the non-profit Greene County Community Foundation (Greene Giving). They have gathered ideas, information, and opinions about murals in other cities and found that tastefully done murals are seen as a very positive addition to a community. They have set as their goal the creation of a significant number of murals in Xenia over time.

The XMS is now moving forward cautiously with the preliminary goal of facilitating the creation of one mural for Xenia in 2010. The theme for the first mural will be “Trails,” a very broad concept which will encompass many of the historical factors which make Xenia unique: Railroads, Bike Trails, even early buffalo trails. They have chosen four very nice designs and will be getting full color renderings by mid-August and choosing a winning design in time for Xenia’s Old Fashioned Days in late September. Enthusiasm for the mural project is growing in Xenia.

Several building owners are interested in hosting the first mural. Sadly, they do not have funds to independently finance a large mural. You may go online to their website: www.XeniaMurals.org to get an idea of how a first mural may look.

With support of grants from the Ohio Arts Council and Greene Giving, the Xenia Mural Society has been able to organize and to secure the final design winner’s prize. “We are convinced that this is a worthwhile project that will improve our city for many years to come, says spokesperson Alan King.

Below is one a colorful mural by of the finalists, Olivia Anderson.

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