Rehabilitation of our city streets

The city placed the following announcement of the front page of its website:

The Engineering Department has announced plans for the City’s annual street rehabilitation program. The Xenia City Council awarded a contract to Strawser Construction Inc. of Columbus, Ohio to rehabilitate four (4) deteriorated streets. The four streets include June Drive (Tackett Dr. to W. Second St.), Rockwell Drive (Cato Dr. to Kylemore Dr.), Kylemore Drive (June Dr. to Massie Dr.) and Wimbledon Drive (Bellbrook Ave. to Commonwealth Dr.). Work is scheduled to begin during the week of August 10, 2009 and expected to last through September 2009.

It is wonderful that some of our neighborhood streets are going to receive some tender loving care.

I’m wondering, however, if it is the streets that need rehabilitation. Is the troubled economy giving our streets rather than city officials or laid off taxpayers the need for some rehabilitation? I’m not sure it is our streets that are capable of straying from the moral path of lawful behavior. Can pavement commit crimes? Do thoroughfares become delinquent? Do street attempt to get our money based of bogus arguments?

God help the employees of the Strawer Construction company if our streets decide to assault them for violating their privacy or profiting from their pain. After all, up and down our street there are those who are not making enough even to pay for Simon Kenton’s underground troubles.

Maybe Simon Kenton troubles it’s really just passing gas. It could be just a lot of hot air trapped below. I think I heard some complaining of a foul odor. At least our streets are not having that kind of problem that needs rehabilitated.

Can paying taxes be rehabilitated?

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