Man slaps baby at Wal-Mart?

The slap happy graphic commentary was captured by Drewski at “That’s What You Think” blog.

I can vaguely remember being slapped once or twice for not obeying my parents. My candy grabbing hands and sometimes gluteus maximus was stung by my very annoyed momma or pappa bee.

I must admit that I’m glad the government inspired hate crime goons did’t exist during my child arrearing.

Of course, this is not to deny real abuse exists. But, as the good book says, “spare the rod (or hand or paddle) spoils the child.” If you hope your child will one day grow to live the way he or she should, training is of a necessity. Pain teaches about consequences for doing what should not be done and praise teaches reinforces good behavior.

It looks like the kid must have given Dad his lesson. Poor Dad.

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