Continental Congress 2009 Update

Today is the sixth day of the Continental Congress being held in St. Charles, Illinois.

Elected delegates from all 50 states convened to address the repeated abuses of power by the federal government. Those ongoing abuses include violations of the Constitution’s tax, money, war, general welfare, privacy and other clauses that are at the heart of the conditions that now plague our nation. Repeated attempts to address and correct those violations of the U.S. Constitution have been rebuffed or ignored by Congress and federal courts. As our national existence began, repeated attempts to redress our grievances has failed.

Ohio is represented in the effort to lawfully and peacefully resolve the ending crimes against the only safe-guard of our freedom, rights, and government limited to the rule of law.

According to Friday’s news,

Delegates, realizing they have little time and trying to accomplish as much as possible are forming committees. They are working hard, and resting little. They are dedicated and determined. They are going into “overtime,” and working hours outside of the schedule.

Ohio Delegate, Ron Dickerhoof, is part of the People’s Action Caucus. They are working hard on recommendations for the public to declare their rights and inform their neighbors. Jim Davis, First Delegate, Ohio, along with other states, is progressing toward presenting information on the 14th amendment and independent grand juries. Both are part of organized groups who are working hard to fulfill the tasks they came to achieve. Although they are making progress, it may take some time before they have the opportunity to thoroughly lay out their ideas to the public.

I think Ohio has reason to be proud of all of our delegates. Unlike our paid representatives, they are all determined to fulfill their promises and to serve the People. They want to do what they believe they were elected for.

Thank God for people who still love God’s gift of liberty as bequeathed to us by the Puritans, Quakers, Catholics, and Jews of 1776….

Visit We the People Foundation website to learn more.

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