Federal Stimulus Money Saving Jobs in Non-Existent Ohio Districts

A recent report from the Ohio WatchDog organization states:

Over $5 billion of stimulus money has seen its way into the State of Ohio thanks to the federal stimulus. The main goal of the money is to create or retain jobs and stimulate the economy in Ohio. According to www.recovery.gov more than 17,00 jobs have been created or retained, 11 of which are in Congressional Districts that do not exist: 21st, 99th, 69th, 87th, 85th, 49th, 20th, 54th, 56th, and 00. These 11 jobs have cost more than $5.3 million; more than 80% of the jobs created or retained so far are located in the Central Ohio area.

The five million dollar question is who is pocketing all of the money? Could it be Obama and company? Cooperating Ohio politicians on Capitol Hill? Or maybe it is Gov. Strickland and company? After all, he is a member of good standing in the liberal club of Capitol Hill Democrats. And, they are the co-architects of the economic crisis and its salvation via tax increasing bailouts and corporation bailouts.

I think it would be a good idea to audit the Ohio Treasury for some unexpected budget balancing stimulus.

Source: OhioWatchDog.org November 17, 2009

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