Obama’s Legal Right To The Presidential Office Still Being Questioned in Court

By Daniel Downs

United States Justice Foundation is pursuing a court hearing to force Obama to produce valid documents including his actual birth certificate in order to clarify his qualifications for president under Constitutional law, according to World Net Daily.

Having spent nearly $2 million dollars to prevent the courts and the general public from it, it is reasonable to assume that Obama either is not legally qualified or he hold great disdain to the general citizenry as well as great disregard for ideals of our nation’s republican form of federal democracy.

World Net Daily raised a very important point concerning the Constitutional right and necessity of proving a presidential candidates qualifications. As written,

“Did you know that John McCain had a lawsuit filed against him,
to force him to establish his citizenship (Hollander v. McCain)
during his campaign for President! After he produced evidence and
official documents, and after Congressional hearings, the U.
S., by Senate Resolution 511, John McCain was recognized as a
‘natural born citizen.’ If he had to go through these
“hoops”—why didn’t his presidential opponent have to do the

That is one of the recurring criticism of all criticism surrounding litigation to determine Obama’s citizenship and constitutional right to hold the office of president; no records of any such process of verification ever took place.

Both McCain and Obama held the office of U.S. Senator before the the election of presidency. The citizenship of both McCain and Obama were in question. Yet, as pointed out above, only McCain’s citizenship was clarified both by the federal court and the U.S. Congress.

It is still the obligation of the federal court and the U.S. Court to actually verify Obama’s citizenship.

If it is found that Obama is not qualified and therefore the Supreme Lawbreaker of the Land, what should be done about it? What punitive action should the federal court and/or Congress take toward Obama?

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