Virgil Vaduva Running for Greene County Commissioner

As you may already know, I am currently campaigning as a Republican
candidate for Greene County Commissioner, here in Greene County, Ohio.

If you have been keeping track of my campaign and articles published
at you may already know that there are serious
problems in Greene County, many which have been caused by the
Republican politicians which have had free reign of our county for
decades. This unchecked control on power has led to corruption,
scandals, high taxes and out of control building codes which are
having a negative effect on our lives. There is no excuse for it, and
this time there are no Democrats to blame.

This is why I’ve decided to run for Commissioner and hope to be able
to bring about positive changes inspired by not just my faith, but
also by the love of freedom and liberty I gained during the first 20
years of my life in Communist Romania and during the anti-Communist
revolution of 1989. I have already made substantial progress against
local high taxes with a very public lawsuit filed against the City of
Xenia, seeking several injunctions to stop the city from using public
funds to promote the passage of a tax levy, something which is against
Ohio Elections law. You can read more about it here:

But there is a lot more work to be done. The Greene County GOP does
not help conservatives get elected. Fortunately, while they control
party finances they cannot control you the voter, so I can only appeal
to people like you, who are willing to challenge the status quote and
help average people, without a political background get elected and
take on the system. You can help me by voting for me on May 4, 2010, by forwarding this message to all your friends and family members who vote in Greene County, and by making a small donation to my campaign or by putting one of my yard signs in your yard. All help, no matter how small will make a difference, and as few as 50 votes can make the difference.

I would be honored to receive your vote during the primary elections
on May 4; and should you consider any financial help, it would go to
positive use with my campaign, for fliers, yard signs and telephone
calls. You can also make an online donation of any size using PayPal
at the following link:

At last, I want to encourage YOU to run for office next time around.
We can no longer sit back and let politicians plunder our income and
property, dictate how we can live our lives, raise our families, and
educate our children. So I hope I will even see you on the campaign
trail soon.

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