Are municipalities that fluoridate water perpetrating a crime?

Xenia City officials have attempted several times to pass an ordinance allowing the water department to fluoridate the water supply. Each time voters have voted against it. If voters had passed it, would it still be a crime for city officials to medicate our drinking water with tooth decay fighting fluoride?

Yesterday, Mike Adams raised this issue in an article published in Natural News. In it, he argues dripping fluoride into public water supplies in order to reduce cavities among citizens is practicing medicine without a license. Doctors including dentists are not permitted to prescribe medications without first determining that a legitimate illness exists and requires drug treatment. Yet, this is exactly what cities and towns across the nation are doing. Adam concludes his argument with the following statement:

“Every city and town in America currently engaged in fluoridation of the water supply is committing felony crimes. Town leaders who approve of water fluoridation are criminals operating in clear violation of FDA regulations, state medical laws and federal laws.”

Adams does not take into account the fact that many cities and towns received voter approval to madicate their water supplies. Citizens must have believed it would a health benefit. They probably were not made aware of the considered harm fluoridating has caused to many persons.

With the above in mind, my original question maybe restated this way: Does voter approval make it legal for city officials to prescribe the medication “fluoride” to fight the presumed epidemic of tooth decay without medical license?

Here is a reference for the next time city officials attempt to get Xenia citizens to accept mass medicating in order to save a few bucks. Reading the article by Adams would also prove helpful seeing he suggests ways to fight against it. You can read “Why the fluoridation of public water supplies is illegal” by clicking on the highlighted text.

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