PA Pres. Abba’s Acknowledgment Of Jews Historic Right to Israel Meaningless Until Written Into Law: Why Doesn’t Pres. Obama Demand It?

The Arab League of Nations demands Israel stop building in so-called occupied territories, which means East Jerusalem and the West Bank. Palestinian Authority leader Abbas agrees and so does President Obama. In a recent article published by the Maan News Agency, Pres. Obama reportedly promised Abbas a prolonged settlement freeze in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It was chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat who confirmed to Arab League ministers that Obama made his promise off the record in order to avoid conflict with right-wing factions in Israel. Abbas is said to have conceded Jews historic right to the land of Israel, according to IECJ News. Abbas acknowledgment of the Jews right to Israel came during his speech before American Jewish leaders at an event organized by the Center for Middle East Peace.

Although PA President Abbas also acknowledged West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Abba’s claims were not official declarations. Unless such claims are incorporated into the written record of international treaty and national law, Abba’s claims are mere political propaganda aimed at winning the support of American Jews in order to use them to pressure Israeli leaders to concede to Arab demands. Unlike American leaders like Pres. Obama, Israelis remember PA legal documents have never been expunged of claims against the right of Zion (Israel) to exist in the mostly Arab Middle East.

The constitutional and related legal instruments are the official policy of the political entities. Until Abbas’s claims become legal polity recognized by the League of Arab Nations, peace between Israel and the PLO is mere smoke in the wind. For American leader like President Obama to give credence to anything less is to make America a real serious threat to the citizens of Israel. That has been the object lesson of the so-called Oslo agreement.

Sources: Maan News Agency, May 2, 2010 and International Christian Embassy Jerusalem News, June 10, 2010 (email)

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