Obama Seeking Another $50 Billion State Bailiout

The Business & Media Institute recently reported Obama is seeking $50 billion state bailout package from Congress. In a June 12 letter, Obama urged both parties to pass a derailed stimulus bill. He claims the bailout would preserve government and private sector jobs. Government jobs Obama is trying to protect include teachers, fire fighters, and police. If memory serves, the last $787 billion stimulus supposedly had already saved those jobs.

CATO Institute Budget Analyst Tad DeHaven criticized Obama’s latest request as a union bailout. Most, if not all, of the above government jobs are indeed union jobs.

Maybe Gov. Strickland’s comrades in the White House are trying trying to help him pay for Xenia’s union jobs too. I’m not sure it would ultimately save Xenia taxpayers any money for in the long run taxpayers will have to pay their portion of the $50 billion anyway. Taxpayers and consumer always pay for more government spending. But it sure would be nice for our local government union employees to get their raises without raising our taxes especially during the on-going Great Recession.

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