Medical Studies Prove These Drugs Make Your Brain Stop Working

If the post boggled the mind, you might want to take one of the following listed below. Why? Well, medical researchers have discover that they can make your brain stop working. The medical journal Neurology published their finding as did Physorg. What better way to escape the reality of young people winning court case in the of defending the right of life. First, it was student lead prayer in public schools. Gasp! Now, it is pro-lifer victories. What’s next,shutting down Planned Parenthood abortion mills? (Lil Rose, you go girl.)

May be a hooray is in order.

Anyway, here is a list of over-the-counter drugs capable of making humans nearly brain dead (as if secularism qua socialism qua liberalism could be improved on):

Excedrin PM
Tylenol PM

Some prescription drugs that are about brain deadening as the above include:


Everyone has seen the commercial about firing your brain on drugs. People no longer need cocaine, heroine, PSP, marijuana, or for that matter, Jack Daniels liquor. The FDA and drug companies have made it convenient and legal.

No wonder their has been a pandemic of ADD.

Sweet dreams, but tried to get them with the above sleep aids.

Source: Dr. Mercola Newsletter, August 3, 2010

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