U.S. Bailout Foreign Companies, but What Happened to Peace and Prosperity?

Yesterday, Newsmax ran a story about the federal government bailout of overseas banks and other foreign corporations. Part of the reason was attributed to global reach of AIG. Because we are all part of a global economy, a global bailout was to be expected.

I don’t remember hearing the Obama administration, Congressional politicians, or the media ever mentioning that part of $787 billion would help save foreign banks or General Motors, do you?

To save the world, globalists on Capitol Hill seem to believe Americans on Main Street should welcome state approved robbery. The Washington-run Empire, like all past empires, impoverishes millions of its people for the grand cause of power, status, and the flow of wealth. Remember, most of the imperialists on Capitol Hill are millionaires.
Anyone familiar with the history of bailouts funded by the federal government (including the Federal Reserve) knows this has been going on for decades.

In one sense, global economy is just another nice but deceptive phrase for the increasing reach of American economic empire. It appears that the goal of Democrats is to increase the burden of empire to the point of America’s bankruptcy.

That is one important factor that led to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

Are the elites among the Republican Party any different? I doubt it. Can you remember any America president or Congressional majority ever proposing to end the American military presence around the world? Only Ron Paul proposed such a thing. Doing so would put billions of dollars back in the pockets of Americans. A large scale-back of U.S. military’s global presence would also mean leaving America’s global corporation vulnerable to the dictates of foreign governments and the interests of their people. Not that the wealth given to foreign government by American corporations is used to prosper all of their citizens, but its does keep foreign dictators willing to dance to America’s green tunes. Think of how much that would save taxpayers if Congressional politicians were not so willing to travel to all of those subjected nations.

I know; we are the leader of the world. World peace and prosperity is dependent upon our government. Millions at home and certainly abroad are still are wondering when real peace and prosperity will be achieved. Maybe the elite’s utopian vision is flawed. Just consider the achievements of that bastion of global peace, the United Nations–not very impressive. No lasting peace in Israel, genocide in Sudan, massacres in Africa, wars in the Middle East, Europe, Central America and elsewhere, and now terrorism. Don’t misunderstand me, sincere efforts toward peace are honorable, but repeating failed policies and strategies of the past is to demonstrate stupidity.

Again, the lessons of failed empires of the past demonstrate egalitarianism, multiculturalism, moral relativity, immorality, and much debt are all co-factors in what social scientists call structural violence, which includes poverty. The peace waged by all empires has been most won and maintained by the merciless power of their armies. Empires have never been very effective at creating real peace or prosperity for masses of non-elite peasants. America is no exception.

American exceptionalism inherited from its founder’s vision has been fading away for a long time. Maybe it’s not too late to revive it.

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