Early Voting, Politics Without Debate?

By Daniel Downs

Am I the only voter in the world receiving umpteen million calls about early voting? I have never had both parties telling me how crucial it is to my precious liberty to send in a early registration card as soon as it is received. Until this year, I have had no calls about it.

Is it really about freedom to vote? I don’t think so!

Just think, if voting occurs now, much candidate literature, televised or town hall debates will have been missed. Granted, most brochures and debates consist of little deep substance any way. And, apart from stated party agendas, know one ever knows what politicians will do. Nonetheless, multiple debates and literature at least give a voter something to consider before voting.

An informed, not a duped, citizenry stimulates functional democracy in our federal republic of liberty .

I don’t know; maybe I already missed most of the debates. I do know if I voted now, I would miss debates between Rob Portman and Lee Fischer (Oct. 4 & 12 PM) as well as Gov. Strickland and John Kaisch (Oct. 7). I imagine other meet the candidates nights and townhall debates are in the works as well.

This being the case, I have to conclude that the great drive for early voting is not to ensure that everyone will practice their voting right. Rather, the purpose is to get as many voters to support all the party ticket. Early voting thus seems to be politics without meaningful debate.

P.S. Who would be stupid enough to send the registration card in anyway. People willing to making their driver’s license number or security number available to any rip off artist? Or, maybe just die-hard party numbskulls?

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