Texas Doctors Sue ObamaCare

On Wednesday, a court in Tyler, Texas, heard a lawsuit against ObamaCare brought by two Texas-based doctor-owned hospitals. The doctors argue in the case that ObamaCare ends competition between doctor-owned hospitals and non-doctor-owned hospitals by stopping the growth of their facilities and banning any new doctor-owned facilities from opening. This means that the healthcare “reform” legislation pushed through Congress effectively favors one type of business over another, and even punishes doctors who have a financial stake in the success of their facilities. Should the doctors be unsuccessful in their lawsuit, ObamaCare will give patients less choice over their healthcare providers and medical facilities, and the lack of competition will drive up healthcare costs and decrease patient care.

This is just one of around 23 lawsuits against ObamaCare, including the lawsuit filed by 20 states to stop the federal mandate to buy healthcare and the increased cost to the states. The judge presiding over the states’ lawsuit said that he will rule by October 14.

Source: Liberty Watch, October 1, 2010

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