Islamic Society of North America Comments On President Obama’s State of the Union & Commentary

Last Tuesday, President Barack Obama delivered his first 2011 State of the Union Address. Where democrats and republicans crossed the “party line” in Congress to sit with one another, the President also focused on inclusion, and stated his “conviction that American Muslims are a part of the American family.”

ISNA welcomes his remarks and shares some of them with you below:

“We are part of the American family. We believe that in a country where every race and faith and point of view can be found, we are still bound together as one people; that we share common hopes and a common creed; that the dreams of a little girl in Tucson are not so different than those of our own children, and that they all deserve the chance to be fulfilled. That, too, is what sets us apart as a nation…

And so we must defeat determined enemies wherever they are, and build coalitions that cut across lines of region and race and religion. America’s moral example must always shine for all who yearn for freedom, justice, and dignity.

And as extremists try to inspire acts of violence within our borders, we are responding with the strength of our communities, with respect for the rule of law, and with the conviction that American Muslims are a part of our American family.”

“We sincerely hope that President Obama’s message of a united American family resonates with the general public and that, as Congress enters the upcoming hearings on religious extremism, they do not take them as an opportunity to unfairly punish the entirety of a religion for the actions of a few misguided and wrongful individuals. We hope Congress will remember our President’s message, from last night, that American Muslims are united with all Americans in the war on terror, and the mis-guided actions of a few by no means represent the whole,” said ISNA Secretary General Safaa Zarzour.


First Safaa Zarzour is an Illinois lawyer and educator who was appointed to the position of Secretary General in 2010. Second, ISNA and Zarzour have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and so-called terrorism, according to investigative research of The Hudson Institute and Time Magazine and reported by Islamic Jihad Watch. Third, although Zarzour is an effective inter-faith communicator and educator, his work for ISNA and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) not only benefits Hamas and the global Muslim Brotherhood but also Muslim charity work and terrorism conducted by the same origanzations. That is the irony of so-called radical Islamic terrrorists; they function as community organizers and charities among Muslim communities (i.e., Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, etc.) and function as terrorist outside the community (i.e., Israel, Africa, London, Spain, New York City, etc.). Fourth, Zarzour appears to be an accomplished American, outstanding Muslim, and passoniate educator, and lawyer, but natural skepticism raises the question whether or not his inter-faith relations building is really an effort to convert all America’s infidels into faithful Muslims. That alone would be a good thing–the American way–if it were not for Islam’s ultimate Quranic justification of using the sword to make disciples and eliminate unbelievers. Fifth, the problem is that it can happen in America as it has elsewhere throughout history.

Do you remember the recent near genocide of Southern Christians in Sudan? It was carried out by the Muslim leaders of Sudan.

How about the Muslim League of Arab Nations attempt to exterminated the new nation of Israel in 1948?

Or, maybe, you remember the Jerusalem Muslim Mufti’s contributions leading to the Holocaust? The Mufti campaigned against Hitler’s legal and illegal attempts to force migrate German Jews to their ancient homeland.

Perhaps, you remember the history about the genocide of Armenians in 1915 by the Islamic Ottoman Imperialists? Some of their methods employed by the Nazis mimicked the Ottmans.

Most American Muslims and ISNA leaders may only want to live free under American rule-of-law. Zarzour may be seeking only to understand the faith of others while helping them understand Islam. But, it does not mean others will not come after who will seek to subjugate all infidels by force. Global reign is the goal of Islam.

This is what Americans must remember.

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