Representative Martin Introduces New Legislation

State Representative Jarrod Martin (R-Beavercreek) recently teamed up with his legislative colleagues to introduce two bills in the Ohio House of Representatives.

House Bill 61, which Representative Martin introduced with Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta), would afford private sector employers the option to offer compensatory time. This serves as an alternative to employers offering overtime pay to employees, which they must pay one and one-half times the employee’s hourly rate for each hour worked in excess of 40 hours per week by law.

“This bill offers a great alternative for businesses to save money,” Representative Martin said. “Not only is it necessary to find ways for our businesses to be economically efficient during these hard times, but this bill allows for flexibility to employees, creating a more family-friendly work environment.”

Representative Martin also introduced House Bill 54 alongside Representative Ron Maag (R-Lebanon). This legislation allows for the restoration of gun rights that brings Ohio into compliance with a recent Supreme Court ruling that asserted that to restore gun ownership rights for someone under firearm disability, there must be complete restoration.

“It is the Legislature’s responsibility to ensure that our laws are clear and can be upheld as constitutional,” Rep. Martin said. “There are currently people who are unintentionally breaking the current law because of the recent ruling due to the fact there is one category that cannot be restored to those under firearm disability.”

House Bill 61 and House Bill 54 will undergo further consideration and debate in their assigned House committees. Representative Martin offered sponsor testimony to the Economic and Small Business Development Committee on House Bill 61 last week and will soon be giving sponsor testimony on House Bill 54.

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