Noah’s Ark Being Rebuilt In The Netherlands

An industrious contractor is rebuilding Noah’s Ark. It’s not clear whether Johan Huibers has heard from God, but he has witnessed several floods overtaking his hometown of Dordrecht. With the onslaught of global warming, flood waters keep rising to ever higher levels.

Huibers claims he is not only concerned about rising flood waters. He also wants people to know about the true and living God.

While Huibers envisions floods of curious people coming to tour the Ark, local officials and business owners are seeing visions of economic growth. Huibers’ profits from a previous ark project were over $1 million, which leads one to believe that the town folk’s visions were inspired.

Tourism is a good thing. If making a part of biblical history real to people generates tourist trade, the gracious God, who delights in the prosperity of His people, probably won’t mind some who are not to benefit as well.

Maybe, they will also get a glimpse of the eternal light that will profit throughout eternity. That seems to be the ultimate goal for rebuilding Noah’s Ark.

If interested, the New York Times report about Huiber’s project can be read at

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