American Psychological Association Need Its Head Examined

It is common knowledge that psychologists often developed emotion and other psychological problems. For many, the problems are the result of continually dealing with the problems of others. Consequently, APA professionals loose grip on themselves and sometimes on reality as well. I learned this while taking a clinical counseling course in college.

When a group of behavioral professionals can no longer recognize harmful behavior, those professionals need to seek professional help. Pretending same-sex relations are somehow normal or beneficial is a tell-tale sign that they have lost their way. Unnatural realtions cannot be made good or legitimate because the APA says so.

Various religious and denominational nor federal and state stamp of approval cannot make it right, good or natural. Not even a consensus vote can change reality that made humanity male and female and that the future of humanity is the family tradition of men marrying women and reproducing after their own kind. Reason, nature, and their Creator have concurred for a long time.

That is why the American Psychological Association’s recent endorsement of same-sex marriage (see CitizenLink article) only proves the need for its professsionals to seek counseling from those not intimately involved in the unnatural behavior not approved by nature and its God.

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