Governor John Kaisch’s Labor Day Proclamation

The first Monday of September has been dedicated to honoring the social and economic achievements of the American worker and stands as a tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity and well-being of our state and country.

Labor Day is a time for all Ohioans to reflect upon the skill, leadership, initiative and ingenuity that our state’s workers display every day to support their families, improve their communities and help cultivate an economic climate in which all Ohioans can thrive and prosper.

Ohioans should pause and remember all of the dedicated workers who have been killed or injured in the line of duty and constantly strive to foster safe, healthy and productive work environments for employees and employers.

Ohio workers, in partnership with their employers, strive to remain competitive in an increasingly global economy that requires a well-educated and highly trained workforce that understands the value of life-long learning as a way to constantly upgrade skills.

Ohio owes a debt of gratitude to the previous generations of Ohioans who worked with an unwavering commitment to create prosperity and stability, and whose hard work sustained our state in times of uncertainty and hardship. We, in turn, owe it to future generations of Ohio workers to create a state in which their hard work can be rewarded and in which they and their families can succeed.

Now, therefore, I, John R. Kasich, Governor of the State of Ohio, do hereby recognize September 5, 2011 as Labor Day throughout Ohio and encourage all Ohioans to enjoy their holiday while reflecting upon the achievements that Ohio’s working men and women contribute to our states workforce and economy throughout the year.

The above is not the official proclamation. It was edited and reformatted version to make the proclamation easier to read. To see the official version, go to the Governor of Ohio website (

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