5 Foods that Can Trigger a Stroke

In a recent article, Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses causes and preventions of strokes, which are increasing among women.

Dr. Mercola metions five foods that can trigger a stroke. They are …

1. Red meat from animals raised on factory farms. He regards cattle and other sources of red that are raised naturally (not confined or feed antibiotics) and grass feed are heallthy and safe.

2. Salt is another stroke causing food. But, as Mercola points out their are two types of salt sold by grocers. One is processed salt (table salt)and the other is non-refined salt. He mentions Himalayan salt as a type of healthy salt.

3. Any smoked or processed meat is liable contribute to a stoke as well as other problems like cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and increased risk of diabetes.

4. Drinking one can of diet soda can increase the risk of a stroke by 48 percent. This is a bit of an eye opener.

5. Consuming any type of food with transfats increases the risk of both a stroke and heart disease. The type stroke increasing among women is called “ischemic stroke.” This is caused by plaque build-up arteries thus restricting blood flow to the brain. Transfat are one of the primary culprits for plaque. Foods contains significant levels of transfats include “crackers, chips, most store-bought baked goods, and any fried foods.”

Another factor related stroke is vitamin D deficiency. According to Dr. Mercola, this deficiency cis often the result of not being exposed to enough sunlight. I think he is trying to say women need to visit the beach more often than they do to the tanning salon.

At any rate, you can read Dr. Mercola’s article by visiting his website at www.mercola.com.

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