Ron Paul On Middle East Foreign Policy and Israel

The following video presents an interview on Ron Paul’s Middle East foreign policy. Journalist Jack Hunter, who copnducted the interview, focused on Paul position concerning Israel. It is rather enlightening considering the the esclusion of Paul to the recent Republican Jewish Coalition presidentail debate. A second video offers additional perspective at least one possible reason why some establishment Republicans are both distorting Paul’s policy statements, like his statement about Isael’s creation of Hamas, and his the opposition’s motivation. It should be further noted that Paul actually credited the United State’s government using Israel as a proxy in the creation of Hamas just like it did Al Queda and others. (Watch this video of Paul’s statement to Congress.)


Did you hear the reason? Governments and special interest groups like Hamas have no reason or motivation to stop the endless conflict. This means they have reason and motivation to foment conflict: money and power. That is our tax dollars and the their authorized empowerment for conflict, which as you will see is sourced by our federal government’s dictates of power.


If you would like to read a good article on other aspects of Ron Paul’s foreign policy, read “Ron Paul Counters Obama Policy on Israel, Middle East” by Thomas R. Eddlem.

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