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I just finished reading an article by finamcial expert John Mauldin. Well, Mauldin didn’t actually do much of the writing. What he published were arguments of his readership, and the argument of one client/reader took up most of the white space. Last week, he presented his argument for a national value added tax in The Cancer of Debt and Deficits.

I’m refering my readers to Mauldin’s article, Tax The Other Guy, because it offers an precise argument for the Fair Tax and because it is supported by a number of political candidates. Reading Mauldin’s two articles might help with picking the candidate who may actually attempt to fix this part of our nation’s economic problem.

Below are a list of the candidates who have state their intentions about reforming taxation; those who advocate for merely increasing taxes of “tinkering” with the tax code are not included as are those with no stated position:

Mitt Romney
Rick Santorum
Newt Gingrich
Ron Paul
See also a letter by Ron Paul

US Senate
Dr Micahel Pryce (R)
Rusty Bliss (R)
Eric LaMont Gregory (R)
Scott Rupert (I)
Sherrod Brown (D)

US House of Representatives
< href=https://johnandersonforcongress.com/Economic_Views.html John Anderson (R)
Edward Breen (R)
Mike Turner (R)
David Harlow (L)
David Esrati (D)
Olivia Freemam (D)
Thomas McMasters (D)
Sharen Neuhardt (D)
Mack Van Allen (D)

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