Why Would We Celebrate Congressmen Mike DeWine, Dave Hobson and Steve Austria?

by John Mitchel

I just received my invitation to the Greene County Republican Party picnic; the theme,
“A tribute to our 7th Congressional District Congressmen.” Really?! Now here are three
career politicians who never met a budget deficit they didn’t like; never voted against
raising the debt ceiling; advanced NAFTA, GATT, China’s entry into the World Trade
Organization and the unconstitutional Fast Track trade negotiation authority for the President,
and worst of all, enthusiastically supported unconstitional, undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
that gained nothing, but cost the U.S. beyond comprehension in terms of blood, sweat and tears
for generations to come.

The simple truth is DeWine’s, Hobson’s and Austria’s legacy doesn’t go past their success at
bringing back pork to their special interest insiders. And if you disagree, all you need to do is
take a look at the new Ohio congressional district map. Steve Austria is soon gone, as is the 7th
District. Greene and Clark counties, the two counties that did the heavy lifting in the Seventh
at election time for more than 25 years, have been swallowed up by the 10th and the 8th.

If this is success worth celebrating, how would you define failure?

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