DNC, Ideology, and 9/11

In a recent email article, Paul Eidelberg commented about the Democrats efforts to remove God from their party platform before its 2012 National Convention held last week. He not only states the obvious when identifying the Democratioc Party as the party of atheism but he also sees its as representative of elimating the Declaration of Independence and Jews as well.

The following are excerpts:

“[T]he brouhaha at the DNC was not simply the God issue but also the inseparable Jew issue. One may arrive at this conclusion by noting the unholy alliance of Islam and the Left lurking at the Democratic Convention, which surfaced by the omission of God and Jerusalem from the initial draft of the DNC party program.

“Erasing God from the DNC party program is tantamount to erasing God from the Declaration. Since the God of the Declaration is the God of the Jewish Bible, the Democrats came close to symbolically erasing the Jews. It was as if Ahmadinejad was drafting the DNC program!

“Although the Democratic Party reversed itself on the God-issue, the motive was political, not theological. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that the American Democratic Party is the party of atheism. The forthcoming November election will be the first election in American history in which the paramount issue—whether muted or not—is theological. America is approaching a climax of world-historical magnitude.”

Eidelberg goes to attribute the liberalism of the left as one of the main causes of anti-Semitism in Europe and America:

“The Left was weaned on Jew-hatred, as may be seen in Marx’s anti-Semitic diatribe, “On the Jewish Question.” Marx was a historical relativist. His relativism underlies Carl Becker’s book on the Declaration of Independence, and Charles Beard’s economic interpretation of the American Constitution. These two books were published in 1913. Beard’s book took academe by storm. Its Marxist-type relativism has not abated to this day; indeed, it’s well-entrenched in the White House!”

So what does the athiestic Democratic Party and the predominance of liberalism have to do with 9-11? Journalists have investigated numerous aspects of 9/11. One journalist delved into the background of the lead terrorist Mohammad Atta, who was born and raised in Egypt. The journalist discovered Atta was not religious at all. He was already a pilot before coming to America. He was fluent in many languages other than Arabic. He was well connected to government and security contractors. He even cursed God while partying. The point is he was not a devout religious jihadist. He lived like a moral relativist liberal.

One might infer from the above that motivation behind 9/11 was rooted in liberalism and its opposition to the moral and religious foundations of the American empire.

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