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World Prayer Day, March 2

The 2012 World Day of Prayer will be held on Friday the 2nd of March and will be prepared by the women of Malaysia with the theme “Let Justice Prevail”. Malaysia is a nation of diverse cultures, races and religions. About 7 % of Malaysians are Christians.

The World Day of Prayer is a worldwide movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer each year, and who, in many countries, have a continuing relationship in prayer and service. Women from over 170 different countries and regions over various races and cultures celebrate on the first Friday of March in prayer to make a more just world in which to live.

Through World Day of Prayer, women affirm that prayer and action are inseparable and that both have immeasurable influence in the world. The motto of the World Day of Prayer is “Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action”.

For more information about World Prayer Day, go to hwww.worlddayofprayer.net or www.wdp-usa.org