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Mike Dewine Backing Rick Santorum

A few hours ago, I participated in a town hall meeting with Rick Santorum. Listening to his position on a host of questions and issues and perusing his campaign website Rick Santorum, my impression is this guy seems a lot like Ronald Reagan. I don’t think his acting either. His is a conservative Republican who policy statements in many ways resembles Reagans.

The big surprise was learning Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has been traveling and supporting Santorum. (Much like Constitutional Attorney Jay Sekulow endorsement of Mitt Romney). DeWine and Santorum served in the US Senate at the same time, which give more weight to Dewine’s insights into Santorum’s hard work, thoughful approach to issues, and consistency to his core values. Of course, Santorum faces Romney’s 12 to 1 spending efforts to win this election as well as the fact that Romney is getting much of his donation from wealthy donors to Santorum’s middle and lower income class donations.

According to DeWine, the grassroot turn out is excited and people feel Santorum connects with them. Santorum is more like one of them.