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Issue 16, What’s the Problem?

Issus 16 will enable Greene County commissioners to negotiate with electric power suppliers on behalf residents and businesses. Electricity aggregation, as it is called, will make those suppliers compete for the business of both residential and commercial consumers. Electricity aggregation also will lower the cost of electricity of Greene County energy consumers who participate in the program.

The passage of Issue 16 gives county residential and commercial energy consumers a choice. Those who prefer to pay less for electricity can and those who prefer not to participate can choose to opt out.

Here is a win-win opportunity for citizens and businesses of Greene County.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is not every resident or business in Greene County may participate in the electricity co-op. Although every voter in every Greene County city, village and township will see Issue 16 on their ballot, only the votes of those who live in non-incorporated townships or villages will count.

But that’s okay, because all Greene County voters can show their support for the electricity aggregation program by voting Yes on November 8. And, I’m sure the Board of Election officials and volunteers won’t mind it too much if their ballot counts show large support for this issue.

Some may be wondering whether Xenia and other incorporated municipalities have or can have their own electricity aggregation program. Everyone wants lower electric bills, right? Could it be possible for cities like Xenia to join the county program?

According to a Dayton Daily News article written by Katherine Ullmer, it is possible. “Since the county commissioners do not have jurisdiction over cities, city officials would have to place a similar issue on its ballots to seek authority for a similar electrical service agreements.” Bill Bradish, energy consultant to the County Commissioner’s Association of Ohio, also informed her “some Greene County cities might pursue this next year.”

Another good article on Issue 16 written by Megan Bachman can read by going to YSNews.com.