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Ohio Before 1850 According to Morgan

An interesting article by the above title was posted on Harold Henderson’s genealogical blog Midwestern Microhistory. This particular Harold Henderson is probably not the same one who previously pastored the First Church of the Nazarene. The author of Midwestern Microhistory was a professional journalist turned genealogist . Although pastors could also be journalists, the liberal leaning environment of journalistic sphere would discourage most men and women of the cloth. I should have wrote most ministers of a traditional theological bent would find the modern media establishment frightfully alien.

Henderson’s posting, Ohio Before 1850 According to Morgan, is about a unique database of more than 10,000 “books, pamphlets, and broadsides printed in Ohio, from the earliest in 1796 through 1850. The creative genius of this historical collection was non-other than Richard P. Morgan of Willoughby, Ohio. The index is known as the Morgan Bibliography of Ohio Imprints, which is hosted on line by the Ohio Consortium of College Libraries and the State Library of Ohio” known as OhioLINK. Continue reading