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Romney vs Obama on Outscourcing Jobs

By Daniel Downs

The political muck-racking over job outsourcing is a rather mute point,and there a number of reasons for my summary conclusion:

The Boston Globe found Romney was still CEO, President, Chairman of the Board, and sole stockholder of Bain Capital until 2002. That means he was chief outsourcer of jobs. If true, America is finding out Romney can lie almost as well as Obama.

However, major news outlets are also exposing Obama as the other chief outsourcer of American jobs. For example, his famous jobs creating stimulus plan funded jobs and manufacturing facilities in Japan, China and elsewhere, according to a CNSNews report. A large portion of Obama’s bailout of General Motors funded jobs in Brazil. Those are only a few examples. Obama’s hand picked Council on Jobs and Competitiveness is packed with experienced corporate job outsourcers, according to a Huffington Post report.

All this actually proves is that Romney and Bain Capital were at the forefront of the global strategy of multinational corporations and Obama is now helping the same achieve their profitable goals. Obviously, low labor costs is part of the strategic goals.

Most people know politicians are big habitual fibbers*.

It’s also true businesses do whatever necessary to maintain growth and increase the bottom-line. Politicians trying to get elected or re-elected do the same.

Those are some reasons why the job outsourcing rhetoric of Obama and Romney is meaningless and mute.

* Fibbers is the modern humanist-liberal and politically-correct as well as therapeutic term for liars.